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ReZone Albany Is Underway

An established goal of Albany 2030 is to encourage and incentivize balanced and adaptive land use with sustainable development.  Learn how Albany is out to update its antiquated Zoning Code by creating a Unified Sustainable Development Ordinace, which aims to consolidate development-related regulations into a single unified code that represents a more consistent, logical, integrated, and efficient means of controlling development and and reflect a user-friendly application of standards for sustainable development... Read more!

See the Tivoli Lake Preserve Vision Plan

Tivoli Lake Preserve VisionRead the conceptual Vision Plan for Tivoli Lake Preserve, a major natural resource and community open space in the City.  See what the Visioning Plan holds in store for this amazing property.  Thank you all for your ideas and show of support in making Tivoli Lake Preserve a beautiful destination... Read more!


Albany 2030 Plan Adopted!

In April 2012 the City of Albany Common Council voted unanimously to adopt the Albany 2030 Plan. This momentous vote officially established the first Comprehensive Plan in the City's 400-year history. Albany 2030 will greatly improve local quality of life for generations to come. In a tremendous demonstration of collaboration, thousands of community stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods came together to build consensus about their local priorities.

Albany 2030 built a framework for the City’s future based on extensive research and community input. This sustainable approach will guide local (re)development and (re)investment in a manner that meets the needs of residents, businesses and stakeholders while maintaining and elevating the City’s character, quality of life, and environmental and fiscal health.

Read Albany 2030 now!