Albany 2030 Systems

The City of Albany broke with the traditional organization of a comprehensive plan by using a "Systems" approach to create its VisionWhile commonly used by businesses and other organizations to achieve outcomes, "Systems thinking" has rarely been applied to cities, in part because of their complexity. However, the basic notions are well suited to comprehensive planning, both to overcome the limitations of “planning silos” and to help decision-makers prioritize effective strategies for leveraging resources and implementing projects.

Through a consensus-building process, the community generated goals based on the Vision Statement and Vision components. These goals were synthesized to create eight Sustainability Building Blocks, or Albany 2030 Systems, each of which are comprised of a series of key components.

Community Form  Natural Resources 
Housing & Neighborhoods
Utilities & Infrastructure

Many of the strategies and actions identified in the Comprehensive Plan overlap and interrelate.  Download the matrix below to see the interconnections between Albany 2030 Systems, one of the key criterion used in developing and prioritizing implementation projects.


From The Mayor's Office