Patroon Creek Daylighting Project

  Patroon Creek, a small urban tributary approximately 6.8 miles long, headwaters in Albany's Pine Bush Preserve and is the major hydraulic system of the Patroon Creek Subwatershed.  At present, Patroon Creek is enclosed in a conduit as it flows through the Tivoli Lake Preserve on its way to the Hudson River. Though Tivoli Lake Preserve is rich in natural attractions, it is underutilized by the community and is negatively impacted by a variety of issues associated with the enclosure of Patroon Creek.

Historically, the natural course of Patroon Creek has been altered many times by construction projects, dams and reservoirs and currently is used as a natural drainage for parts of Colonie, the City of Albany, Guilderland and Interstate I-90. 

The volume of water contributed to Patroon Creek (area surface runoff, natural storm events and other tributaries) often exceeds its capacity as it enters the narrow and aged conduit, creating fast and highly pressurized water flows that flood and washout trails, erode stream banks and destroy existing habitats. 

The City of Albany, in partnership with Albany County Sewer District, CDRPC, Creighton Manning Engineering and fellow stakeholders have completed a feasibility study for a green infrastructure design project to mitigate key water and infrastructure issues at Tivoli Lake Preserve, in accordance with Albany 2030.  This project involves multiple phases and is dependent on future funding sources.

Daylighting is the first phase to manage and control Patroon Creek, addressing flood hazards and other issues (protecting municipal infrastructure, severe bank erosion, habitat destruction) and the overall physical and visual appeal of the Tivoli Lake Preserve. Removing the aging clay pipe enclosure will also improve the environmental quality of Patroon Creek, Tivoli Lake and the surrounding watershed.

  This green infrastructure design project directly relates to priorities and interconnecting strategies outlined in Albany 2030 (e.g., control sources of negative environmental impact; address stormwater runoff; protect and restore our natural resources...) and leverage Albany’s reputation as a sustainable community.

Next Steps…

The City will continue to (re)introduce the Patroon Creek Daylighting Project to the public and provide updates as the project changes or moves forward.  Read the presentation and review the phases of the potential project areas, below.  All project partners and area stakeholders will continue to work together to procure funding for future construction. The City will also continue to foster support by coordinating efforts with other planning initiatives in the Preserve.

Tivoli Lake Preserve: Project Phases I - III Online Maps


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