Policy & Design Manual

The City of Albany, along with the Capital District Transportation Committee, developed a Complete Streets Policy and Design Manual in compliance with legislation that was passed by Albany's Common Council in 2013.

    The Policy and Design Manual was completed in 2017, providing the City with guidelines that fit with and enhance existing physical conditions, land use context and neighborhood character. The guidelines draw from the existing legislation and Albany 2030 initiatives to improve and establish connections between neighborhoods and City centers, while providing a safer, more efficient transportation network for multiple users.

Complete Streets Policy and Design Manual (.pdf)


Complete Streets Photos
Complete Streets Public Meeting

For more information, please contact:

Carrie Ward (cward@cdtcmpo.org)
Capital District Transportation Committee
(518) 458-2161

Chris Spencer (cspencer@albanyny.gov)
Department of Planning & Development
(518) 465-6066



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