Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document that helps a City plan for future change.  A Comprehensive Plan outlines goals and aspirations of the community and is used to leverage positive and effective change in community development.  A Comprehensive Plan is used by decision-makers to establish policies regarding physical development and other aspects of future change, such as zoning, economic stability, transportation and sustainability.  Comprehensive Plans are general, long-range and based on public input.

What is Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future?

Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future, refers to the detailed marketing to promote the comprehensive planning process and to guide public outreach for maximum community participation.  Developing a successful vision for the Albany's future required the City to gather as much input as possible from residents, regional partners and community stakeholders.  To achieve broad and meaningful community engagement, the City utilized various techniques to capture the public's attention--model outreach activities, technology, social media, and promotional signage.  The Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future branding was an important undertaking to promote the Comprehensive Plan and solicit ideas (see "Why Albany 2030?" for more...). 

Why do we need Albany 2030?

Albany 2030 is the City's first Comprehensive Plan. Albany needs a Comprehensive Plan to help City policy-makers, departments and residents make decisions on a day-to-day basis that will match the interests and goals of the community and help create a prosperous and sustainable future for everyone.  Albany 2030 provides the overall framework to ensure that all exisitng and future plans (neighborhood plans, studies, sustainable reports), programs and investments are aligned to support a common direction for Albany's future. 

Who is involved in Albany 2030?

The initiation of Albany 2030 began with the City's Department of Planning and Development.  Together with experienced consultants and an appointed Comprehensive Plan Board, they began an extensive campaign to solicit public input.  Over a two-year period, Albany's Comprehensive Plan team collected data and analyzed public input on existing issues--organizing community aspirations into goals for the City's short- and long-term future.  Thank you, to all of the residents, City Department leaders, local and regional stakeholders and other interested parties, who helped to create the Albany 2030 Vision.

What happens now that Albany 2030 has been adopted?

Albany 2030 was adopted by the City's Common Council in 2012.  Moving forward, you will see the City taking initiatve to implement projects that satisfy goals and strategies outlined in the Plan.  You can still be involved with the Albany 2030 process!  If you live, work or play in the City of Albany, the Comprehensive Plan is your guide. Attend neighborhood meetings, public hearings or particpate in community activities!  Follow Albany 2030 on facebook and twitter (@Albany2030) to stay up to date on issues and projects.

From The Mayor's Office