Albany 2030: The City of Albany Comprehensive Plan, often refered to as, Albany 2030, is the first-ever Comprehensive Plan in the City's history, and is best described as a master guidance document, outlining a framework for future community efforts, sustainable initiatives, economic development and investment, policy decisions and management within the City.  Albany 2030 is a "to do" list that will be used to leverage positive and effective improvements, while complimenting current and ongoing City initiatives and (re)development efforts (see "What is a Comprehensive Plan" for more...).

In 2009, the City of Albany Common Council kicked off Albany 2030 by creating the Comprehensive Plan Board, consisting of appointed citizens, City Department heads, business owners and other stakeholders to provide direction for developing Albany 2030, and for recommending its adoption by the Common Council.

Albany 2030 began with a process to engage all members of the City's community, area stakeholders and regional partners in developing a Vision for the City's future.  Over the course of two years, the City and its comprehensive planning team collected data and solicited public input on existing issues and aspirations for the City's short-term and long-term future.  Overall, Albany 2030 was developed in two multi-phased stages.

  • Community Assessment and Visioning Stage: The Comprehensive Plan Board, City staff, and hired consultants (Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC, PlaceMatters, Eng-Wong Taub and Associates, Economic Stewardship), solicited information from thousands of participants during extensive public outreach opportunities, and analyzed collections of local and regional datasets to create the Vision statement, Vision components, and eight accompanying Systems of the draft Comprehensive Plan.

  • Comprehensive Plan Development Stage: Through a series of public forums and other solicitations, the Comprehensive Plan Board, City staff, and hired consultants organized community priorities, creating strategies and actions; short, intermediate, long-term and ongoing projects and goals; and monitoring measures that would comprise the Comprehensive Plan.

Learn more about the public outreach activities and a summary of the Albany 2030 Vision statement in the Albany 2030 Executive Summary.

Thousands of City residents and area stakeholders were extensively involved in this planning effort to develop a resilient, sustainable, long-term plan whose series of systems contain community-based policies and actions developed and organized in a manner that allow for implementation based upon interrelationships.

Albany 2030 meets the needs of residents and businesses while maintaining the desired character, quality of life, environmental sustainability and fiscal health of the City.  Albany 2030 was adopted by the City of Albany Common Council on April 2, 2012.

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