Why Albany 2030?

"Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future" refers to the identity behind the City of Albany's first Comprehensive Plan.  Branding and promotion was an important component in the process to create the City's first Comprehensive Plan.  To initiate the process and capture community interest, an identifiable brand was established for the project, including a project logo, a consistent color scheme, and an enthusiastic message: Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future

The Comprehensive Plan, otherwise known as, Albany 2030, includes the City's collective Vision for the future, as well as goals, strategies and guidelines that describe how to achieve that Vision (see FAQs for more...). The City has many completed and ongoing planning initiatives, including neighborhood revitalization plans, (re)development programs, economic development assistance, housing studies, and recreation and greenway initiatives.

Thousands of City residents and stakeholders have been extensively involved in this planning effort.  Part of the Albany 2030 process was to build on this momentum to create the cohesive Vision and sustainable future for the entire City.  We asked participants to envision the future: "What do you want Albany be like in 2030?"  The 2030 timeframe helped to set long-range goals and to encourage participants to think creatively about the City's future.

Moving forward, Albany will continue to use the catchy branding in support for its Vision, while promoting projects and achievements that satisfy goals and strategies outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.  We hope that you continue your participation by attending neighborhood meetings, public hearings and other City activities to see how Albany 2030 is changing to make Your City, Your Future.

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From The Mayor's Office