North Swan Street Revitalization

  North Swan Street consists of four blocks in the Arbor Hill Neighborhood and Ten Broeck Historic District.  Historically, North Swan Street was once considered a thriving and busy, commercialized street in Arbor Hill.  Over the past 40 years, the area fell into neglect, leaving much of its existing housing stock, commercial and school buildings deteriorated and abandoned.

However, in recent years Arbor Hill has shown an increased interest in revitalizing North Swan Street.  Both the City and the Albany Housing Authority have invested time and resources to improve infrastructure and increase housing and commercial space…

King's Place, a previously dilapidated historic building that blighted North Swan Street has since been rehabbed into an impressive updated apartment building, gallery space, center for the Albany County Historical Association and meeting area for the Ten Broeck Mansion… Read more.

Albany Barn The Albany Barn, a non-profit organization who provides a major resource for the creative arts community with exhibit and studio space, continues to raise funds and support for the transformative Academy Lofts project, a multi-unit live/work residence for artists. 

Thanks to grant funds from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the former Arbor Hill Courts have been transformed into the North Swan Street Park.  This half-acre neighborhood park has been revitalized from its current status of disrepair into a sustainable area for community gathering and recreation.  As part of the Arbor Hill Neighborhood Plan, this park project was created through collaborative efforts and public outreach between the City, professional design consultants, residents and community stakeholders... Read more about creating the North Swan Street Park.

  The North Swan Street Park is designed to be a multi-generational community space with features that take on green initiatives consistent with EPA’s Green Project Reserve. Therefore, a primary design goal in building North Swan Street Park was to reduce impervious cover in the recreational areas by at least 25%, so to promote natural filtration for improved quality of stormwater runoff.  This reduction would qualify the project under NYSDEC’s redevelopment criteria for Water Quality Treatment and Runoff Reduction.

Green Initiatives within the North Swan Street Park (re)development design include permeable pavers, bioretention, soil restoration and decompaction, vegetated swales and tree plantings.


From The Mayor's Office