Host a House Party About Albany's Future

We hope you'll take Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future as an opportunity to host an Albany 2030 House Party to gather your friends and neighbors together to discuss Albany's challenges, opportunities, and to talk about your vision for the future. This is a great chance for you to get to know your neighbors, talk about your opinions of the City (where it is now and where it will be), and have fun!

There are a few basic steps to hosting a House Party:

  1. Create Your Guest List (you can download a MS Word invitation template below)
  2. Host the House Party
  3. Submit Your Materials to the Albany 2030 Team

    Detailed instructions and worksheets are provided below:

      Please submit your materials for the third round of House Parties to us by the end of November. If you hosted a Round 1 or 2 House Party, but didn't submit your materials, it's not too late!  Send them in, we will still include your input! Those who have already hosted are reporting that the parties are interesting and FUN!

      From The Mayor's Office