Community Form

Setting the City on a path to achieve Albany 2030 requires strategic planning and action. Through public consensus, eight Sustainability Building Blocks were generated to help define the interrelationships amongst priorities listed in Albany 2030 and to help guide their implementation as we work to reach our desired future. 

  Albany 2030 System: COMMUNITY FORM

Community Form
addresses factors of physical attributes and appearance in the City. Community Form describes Albany’s built environment and the relationship between its human-made and natural surroundings. 

Over centuries of settlement, annexations and changing land uses, Albany’s natural landscape along the Hudson River has been altered by development and urbanization. 

And while Albany’s physical appearance continues to change and evolve, its historic pattern of buildings and streets, water systems and topography remain as defining characteristics of its Community Form and a source of pride and identity for residents.

Key components within Albany 2030 that function to define Community Form and that interrelate with other Sustainability Building Blocks include....

  • Land Use Pattern
  • Urban Design
  • Architectural Character


      From The Mayor's Office