Setting the City on a path to achieve Albany 2030 requires strategic planning and action. Through public consensus, eight Sustainability Building Blocks  were generated to help define the interrelationships amongst priorities listed in Albany 2030 and to help guide their implementation as we work to reach our desired future.

  Albany 2030 System: ECONOMY

Economy encompasses the management of resources and activities that generate commerce, investment, quality jobs and lucrative opportunities for Albany residents. A vital economy engages individuals, businesses and organizations to work both independently and together across public, private and not-for-profit sectors to achieve a prosperous and sustainable community.

As the center of State government, Albany is a major player in the dynamic Capital Region, as well as the encompassing New York Tech Valley economy.

The City of Albany continues to be a prime destination to invest and create business. Albany offers many resources to help capture its share of regional prosperity in the form of employment, investment and economic diversity that drives trade, business growth and tax revenues.

Key components that function to define the Economy Sustainability Building Block and that interrelate with other systems of Albany 2030 include....

  • Employment
  • Investment
  • Trade Diversity


From The Mayor's Office